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7 Most useful tricks of WhatsApp



Everyone knows WhatsApp, but not everyone knows WhatsApp very well. You could spend your days on the most popular smartphone messaging app.
But there are some extraordinary hidden features / tricks that you might not know. Let's take a look on some important tricks of WhatsApp that will bring you closer to being a power user.

1.Change font styles in chat

You can change font styles (bold, italic & strikethrough) while chatting easily.
Bold: To make bold text, you need to give a (*) before and after of the text. Example: *Hello*
Italic: To make italic text, you need to give a (_) before and after of the text. Example: _Hello_
Strikethrough: To make Strikethrough text, you need to give a (~) before and after of the text. Example: ~Hello~

2. How to Mention anyone?

When we chatting in any group conversation, many time we need to mention someone. To mention someone you need to use @ before the someone’s name. Example: @NAME

3.Reduce high data charges while doing audio/video call

Draining fast mobile data! Save it more by changing the settings. Settings > Data usage >Mark “Low data Usage” option from Call settings.


4. Turn off Media auto-download

By turning off Media auto-download, you can save even more mobile data. Settings> Data usage >Unmark all items [Photos, Audio, Videos, Documents] from When using Mobile data option.


5.Hide Last Seen time from everyone

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Select Nobody from Last seen option.


6. Change Chats Wallpaper

You can change chat wallpaper which gives extraordinary looks and feels for chatting. Settings > Chats > Wallpaper > Select a from the Gallery > Set.


7.Make Quote Text Reply

Open Message Conversation and tap the message that you want to reply and click reply icon. 




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