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Some best strategies to find correct information on Google


When you needed to find information you should search in Google. But it is very hard to get a lot of time to get the right information. Here are some simple techniques that help to get the correct information on google.

1.Want to know the current location of an aircraft, just search on Google by typing in the aircraft number. Google will be notified the current position of the aircraft.

Shake and locked cell phone


Cell phones are locked to a variety of conventional methods.
However shaking the phone it will be lock, sounding surprised! But by the use of ‘ShakeLock’ apps phone can be locked in just one shake.

Control your Android OS smartphone by voice command


Yes, control your Android OS smartphone by voice command. For this you need to install ‘Voice Command’ apps in your Android device. This apps is developed by Motorola Mobility. It can easily control the overall activities of the smartphone through voice. Through the voice apps you can voice call including open & close the files. Searching the Internet, browsing web pages & files can be edited by this app.The app also can typing text messages, selecting the number are sent by the editor.

Download videos from YouTube without any software!!!


Many times we need to download videos from YouTube. Usually we use 3rd-party software to download but its actually very troublesome. With some tricks you can download very easily & no software will need.  Just go to this site

How to do:-
  •     1st way
      Enter  the URL-address in the input field at the top of the page and press Enter or click on the "Download" button to the right of the input field.
  •    2nd way

Translate your word or paragraph in Online+Offline with Android and IOS device.


‘Google Translator’ is the most popular translator app for android device. It can be translate almost up to 80 languages. The best part of this app its work in offline.
Break through language barriers with Google Translate.
• Translate between 80 languages
• Converse naturally and let Google translate
• Speak, type, write or take a picture to translate
• Translate offline while travelling. No internet connection needed.
• Save your translations and access from any device
(Camera input and offline translation are available for Android 2.3 and above)

Some screenshots:


To get faster internet in Windows...

To get faster internet in Windows...

PC/Laptop’s fast Internet is desirable to all but because of Windows less bandwidth limit setting by default, we cannot get it. So, to get faster internet in Windows, we have to increase bandwidth limit. I’m telling you a trick that you can get the maximum internet speed in your Windows. Follow the tricks below:-

1. Go to ‘run’
2. Type there ‘gpedit.msc’ & press Enter.



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