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Unpack zip/rar files in Android/iOS easily



In Android, many time we need to download any files in rar or zip format. But these files cannot be opened because these files need to be unzip before using

Download Best 6 Pro Launchers of 2016 for free



Most of us used free version launchers. But there are many limitations in free launchers such as slow loading, lots of ads, lots of notification and limited features. So there are no alternative of premium or paid versions.
You don’t need to think so much because here are top best 6 launchers of 2016 for free!!! So what are you waiting for, let’s download those free.

Tricks and Tips to Fix Windows Slow Startup


Computer starts up very slow? There are many factors can cause the slow start-up. If your computer takes a very long time to start up, you can use the tricks and tips below to tweak it and make it to start up faster.

What is not a Virus? Must read



Because of the publicity that viruses have received, it is easy to blame any computer problem on a Virus. The following are not likely to be caused by a virus or other malicious code:

How to stay safe when kids playing with your smart device


how-to-stay-safe-when-kids playing-with-your-smart-device

Actually children are very fond of smart devices. They loved to play games, watch videos or listen to music. But we are always scared about to give the smart devices in the hands of children.

Easy ways to Protect your Facebook account from hacker by active Login approvals feature



Facebook now has become a part of everyday life. So it's not unusual that we are all concerned about our Facebook account. So today I will share with you that how can you improve the level of protection to your Facebook ID.

How to recover deleted files from Memory Card Free


Have you format a memory card by mistake on your cell phone? Now, you want to get back the files on the memory card. Yes, Deleted files can be restored from the memory card.

What is Gmail Undo Send and how to enable


gmail undo send feature

After a long period of observation, Google Mail service had approved their new feature "Gmail Undo Send". It will add a new dimension to the traditional mail system. This feature gives you the option to take back a message you just sent.


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