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Best eye protection apps for Android/iOS/PC free



Our eyes are very sensitive from other parts of the body. So, playing games, chatting or working on mobile/PC for a long time may have a bad effect on the eyes.

Most unknown tips & tricks of Facebook



We use Facebook regularly but still don’t know about many features. Here are some most unknown tips & tricks of Facebook that would be helpful to everyone to be a power user.

how to stop autoplay of video/gif tweets in twitter



Everybody on Twitter wants to have their Tweets interesting. And to do this, twitter has improved their features and also added few new. Adding videos/GIFs in tweets hugely used feature of twitter which make it more effective than write.

7 Most useful tricks of WhatsApp



Everyone knows WhatsApp, but not everyone knows WhatsApp very well. You could spend your days on the most popular smartphone messaging app.

PC Upgradation : Get information about all hardware without opening CPU case


pc-upgradation-get-information-about- hardware

Naturally, PC is doing slower performance if you do not upgrade your computer’s hardware for a long time. So there is no alternative to upgrade hardware to get high performance.

Why you should use cloud storage service?



Cloud storage is an internet based model of data storage where the digital data is stored in web server. Cloud storage has changed the concept of storing data totally.

How to get double speed in low-configuration Android phones



Is your android smartphone slow?
Today's life has become very necessary to use a smartphone. Smartphone makes our lives easier, but in many cases leads to suffering. There are some basic problems of smart devices:

How to get high speed downloading like IDM without spending money?



Now Internet has become our second home and most important thing of internet is Downloading. Yes, we never think internet without downloading.