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Download torrent files from your Android phone


Bit Torrent is one of the most Popular Internet Protocol for downloading files. This protocol has separate software for computer to easily download the shared files in Bit Torrent format. But torrent files downloaded via smart phones is very difficult and many times the file server cannot be supports.

Create beautiful sunbeam effect (Photoshop Tutorial)


An effect can be effective to makes the picture beautify. So Today I'll show you how to create a beautiful sunbeam effect in Photoshop. You do not need to be proficient in Photoshop perfectly. To create beautiful sunbeam effect follow the tips below. 
1.    Select a picture.

Speed up firefox in easy way


When browser visit any website, firstly it's collecting some cache data and save it in the hard disk then it’s usually load pages. But RAM collects data faster than hard disk. So by selection of RAM for the browser cache, the browser speed  can increase doubled. To select RAM for browser cache , follow the tricks below:

How to use Android apps on PC/Laptop


After reading the title everyone should wants to know that…. is this possible? Yes it’s possible. Your PC/Laptop not supports android operating system? No problem. Though your PC/Laptop not supports Android,

Most important basic shortcuts of Windows


To work fast in windows the simple way to know use of shortcuts . Here are some most useful basic shortcuts of windows given below:-

Alt : Display a hidden Menu Bar
Alt+D : Select the Address Bar
Alt+E : Edit options in current program .
Alt+F : File menu options in current program.
Alt+P : Display the Preview Pane in Windows
Alt+Tab  : Open minimized files from the taskbar.


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