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Download apk from google play store directly in easy way


Download APK Files From Google Play Store Directly

Suppose you have just decided to install a very interesting app or game on Google Play Store, and then you realize you can’t install it cause you don’t have enough space on your phone. Did you know you can easily download the APK file directly from Play store to your PC or tablet and install the APK later.

To view Youtube videos in 360° degree 3D rotation angle (New feature).


Youtube has been introduced video broadcasting service in 360° degree 3D rotation angle. Visitors will be a new experience while watching video in 360° degree 3D rotation angle. 360 ° degree supported videos can be viewed via the Google Chrome browser. Through Android-powered devices, you can also enjoy this new video format. To view on Android you will need to

The 5 important little known social networking sites



   1.       PINTEREST

Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows users to virtually “pin” pictures, videos & other content on to virtual “boards”. Other users can then choose to repin that content, allowing your content to circulate. URL-

WhatsApp New feature Voice call (How to Enable)


WhatsApp Voice-Call Feature

A long time heard from WhatsApp that they were going to add new features to their apps. Finally the wait is going to end. Whatsapp has introduced a voice call feature.

Blocks all unnecessary & unwanted ads


After connecting to the data or Wi-Fi connection, all of the Smartphone’s show ads across the screen.   It’s really most annoying problem of Android. There are many applications that block ads, but”Ad-block plus “the best of them. This fantastic app is very easily can blocks annoying ads like video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, pop-ups,

How to make simple Border frame in a picture (Photoshop Tutorial)


From beginning of the tutorial keep it mind that this tutorial is only for beginners, not for the experts. Hopefully this tutorial will be helpful to everyone. To create a simple border in picture follows the steps below.

1.    Firstly open a picture in Photoshop.



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